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Physics A
This course is to satisfy the unquenchable thirst for physics that all students naturally have. The course studies linear and projectile motion, forces, and Newton's Laws. Major projects include The MacGyver Project, and the Bungie Egg Drop Project.
Linear Motion
Motion that occurs in 1 Dimension. Topics include Velocity, Displacemtent, Acceleration, and the Awesomeness of Physics.
Projectile Motion
Motion in 2 Dimensions. Topics incliude Vectors, Projectiles, Cannons, and the Awesomeness of Physics
Newton's Laws Of Motion
Discuss Newton's three laws of motion and how they relate to the Awesomeness of Physics.
Application of Newton's Laws
Topics include Friction, Hooke's Law, Tension, and the student's realization of the Awesomeness of Physics.

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