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Welcome to Pre-Chemistry
This course focuses on the foundations of chemistry including the atomic model, periodic table and basic chemical reactions. This course is designed as a compliment to pre physics in the 9th grade physical science track.
Unit 1: Scientific Method
The scientific method is one of the more important advances in the history of science. It is the reason why discoveries of the past can be trusted and understood.
Unit 2: Properties of Matter
Different pieces of matter can be classified by several different properties including density, conductivity, flammability, etc. Moreover, similar pieces of matter can be separated and isolated by these different properties.
Unit 3: States of Matter
From solid to liquid to gas to plasma, matter can change phases when enough heat and pressure are applied.
Unit 4: Atoms
Atoms have specific structure. Although we cannot see the individual atoms with our eye, we do have the tools to study the parts that make up atoms.
Unit 5: The Periodic Table
The arrangement of the periodic table is based on characteristics of individual atoms and how they act. Similar atoms are group together in families based on the number of valence electrons.
Unit 6: Chemical Bonds
The type of bonding between individual atoms determines the physical structure and chemical properties of the molecule. This unit focuses on ionic and covalent bonding and how we name molecules.
Unit 7: Chemical Reactions
From balancing chemical reactions to identifying different types of chemical reactions, this unit focuses on using chemical formulas to write and describe chemical reactions.

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