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The WHS World Language Department uses the standard WHS grading scale.
Quizzes and Tests (50%) – Don’t expect quizzes to be announced ahead of time: most of the time, they won’t be! I want to know what you’ve acquired… not what you crammed during your last class. That’s also why we’ll have a lot of little quizzes, but not a lot of big tests. In general, expect at least one quiz each week.

You have the option to retake any test where you score less than 70%. Retakes must be taken care of within one week of when you received the score; see me to make arrangements. You may retake the test only after coming in for a review session with me. On a retake, 70% is the highest score possible. Make-up quizzes also need to happen within a week, and are not eligible for retakes.

Homework (30%) – While you probably won’t have a written assignment every day, that doesn’t mean you don’t have homework! You need to be setting aside time to practice Spanish outside of class every day. If your only practice is in class, you won’t understand or remember as much as you could.

Your homework points come from a variety of activities: questions on the stories from the text, worksheets on the novels, in-class dictados and a weekly reading log are all part of your homework grade. You will also have a take-home reading assignment four times each term.

Cultural Investigation Activities (10%) – Each term in levels I, II and III, you will receive a list of cultural activities to choose from. Every student is required to do at least one; you must do two in order to be eligible for an A.

Participation (10%) – These are extremely easy points to earn! To get your points, you need to participate. That means that you come to class on time, you’re ready to start when the bell rings, and you have all your materials with you. That also means you listen when someone else is talking, you pay attention and you follow instructions. You don’t sleep, chat, send texts, do other homework, or anything else that is going to be disruptive or distracting. See? Piece of cake!


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