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**************** CELL BIOLOGY ******************

Biology is the "Study of Life". It is a laboratory based science emphasizing the process of scientific investigation through the study of living things. The study of the cell, the basic unit of life, is systematically developed beginning with a study of the nature of the cell through DNA and heredity, and finishing with micro-evolution.

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to access the class textbook "BIOLOGY" by Miller/Levine.

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Intro to Biology
The goal of science is to investigate, understand, explain, & make predictions of the natural world (ie. Scientific Method).
Cellular Biology
Understanding the cell -- how it grows, reproduces, reacts to the world --- is the basis to life.
Mendelian Genetics

Genetics is the study of heredity. the passing of traits from generation to generation.
Molecular Biology

DNA is the molecule that carries genetic information about each individual
Charles Darwin
Theory of Evolution

The scientific explanation for the diversity of life is explained in the study of evolutionary theories, the changing over time.

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