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******************* BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS *******************
Biology is the study of living organisms. Evolutionary Trends/Classification, Animal Systems (ie. human body), & Ecology are the primary areas of study in Biological Systems. Major projects include the Fetal Pig dissection (Animal Systems) and the Festival of Biomes (ecology).

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PowerPt Notes, worksheets (homework), lab handouts, chapter summary sheets, and study outlines & practice sheets for upcoming tests.

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Additional textbook resources for class:

Class Information
Syllabus, Textbook Forms, Class Webpage, etc
Evolutionary Trends & Classification
Cladograms & dicotomous keys show relationships of organisms.
The binomial system of naming organisms is a Latin-based form of taxonomy.
Human Body Systems
Organ systems of the human body: nervous, skeletal/muscular, circulatory & respiratory, and digestive/excretory; plus the fetal pig dissection!
Ecosystems involve the interactions of animal & plant life with the environment.

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