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Welcome to Online Econonmics

Online Economics will serve as a new way to meet your Economics requirement. The class will be the same length and workload as you regular Econ class, the work will be done more independently and submitted online.

The Class Syllabus for Winter of 2011 will be as follows:

Online Economics Outline and Syllabus
Welcome to Online Economics! Economics online class will cover the basics theories and principles involved in economics as well as the way government influences markets. This class will introduce such things as scarcity, factors of production, supply and demand, and the stock market. You will be introduced to several different types of economies and how factors of production function under each. Your work for this course will be done and submitted exclusively online. You will log on using the School Districts website www.waconia.k12.mn.us. All tests will be taken on the designated in class days throughout the trimester. The schedule will be as follows:
December 7- December 22           
Chapter One: What is Economics?
Complete all assignments in this timeline.  Submit via email to
Test date will be December 22, come see me for quizzes after each set of notes is complete.
January 2nd- January 13
            Chapter Two: Economic Systems and Decision Making
     All Chapter 2 assignments must be submitted within these dates.  Test will be the 13th, come complete quizzes after each set of notes completed.

January 16- Febuary 2
            Chapter Four: Demand                       
All of Chapter 4 assignments must be submitted within these dates.  Come see me for note quizzes and test winn be February 2nd

February 3- February 16           
Chapter 5: Supply                       
All of Chapter 5 assignments must be submitted within these dates.  See me for quizzes, tests will be February 16.

Feb. 17- March 5           
Chapter 11: Financial Markets
Complete all assignments, see me for quizzes Test will be March 5
March 6
Final Test, cumulative, will be taken the 6th. 
            Tests will be taken on the test days in the media center using Exam View. The procedures will be explained to you on the first class day. You will be able to log onto a test only once and once you have started you will have to complete the exam. Exams will be completed on the days listed in the syllabus.
            You will be scored in this class based on your various assignments. The assignments will be submitted using the online assignments tab on the website. You will need to submit into the “Online Economics Class”. The procedure will be explained the first day of class. The scale is as follows:
                        A: 93-100%
                        A-: 90-92%
                        B+: 87-89%
                        B: 83-86%
                        B-: 80-82%
                        C+: 77-79%
                        C: 73-76%
                        C-: 70-72
                        D+: 67-69
                        D: 63-66%
                       D-: 60-62%
                        F: 60%-below
All assignments must be completed for each chapter within the range of days provided in this syllabus. Assignments not turned in will receive a score of zero. To access your online text click on the text book picture above and enter the code D90EB850D9.
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 will cover the priciples and theories of demand side economics.
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 will cover Economic systems. This unit will last approximately two weeks. Follow your course syllabus for details on the dates assignments will be due.
Chapter 1 What is Economics?
Intro chapter of economics covering the basics!! This unti will last approximately two weeks and will be made up of 3 sections of reading and three sets of notes.
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Supply. This will have all notes, readings, and assignments for Chapter 5. Please complete all of the following!
Chapter 11
Chaper 11 notes, readings, and assignments can be found here. Please finish all assignments prior to the deadline given in you syllabus.

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