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Pre-AP English 9A
This course is strongly recommended, but not required, as a prerequisite to Pre-AP English 10A and B, AP Language, and AP Literature. Special emphasis will be placed on identifying and analyzing rhetoric, diction, syntax, theme, and structure. Emphasis will also be placed on completing and understanding the research process, which will include a persuasive research paper. In addition, PSAT/ACT training and a poetry unit will also receive emphasis in the class. Full novels to be read are: The Odyssey, the Grapes of Wrath, Great Expectations, The Catcher in the Rye, and Romeo and Juliet. A selection of short stories, nonfiction articles, poems, and speeches will also be used.

English Department Grade Scale:
A 95-100
A- 92-94
B+ 90-91
B 86-89
B- 84-85
C+ 81-83
C 75-80
C- 72-74
D+ 69-71
D 63-68
D- 60-62
F 0-59

Papers, Essays, and Major Tests - 40%
Projects and quizzes - 30%
Homework - 20%
Class Participation/discussion - 10%

Works Cited for Grapes of Wrath info, in case the Word document doesn't work!

Steinbeck, John. The Grapes of Wrath. New York: Penguin Books, 1939. Print.

Richardson, Eva. Teaching of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath from Multiple Critical Perspectives. Clayton, DE: Prestwick House, Inc., 2007. Print.

Pre-AP English 9A/B Syllabus   Pre-AP English 9A/B Welcome Letter and Summer Reading List   The Grapes of Wrath Paper Assignment
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The Grapes of Wrath novel citation and Critical Perspectives packet citation!   Book Report form   TP-CASTT poetry analysis form
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Catcher in the Rye Essay options - Pre-AP   AP-Style Essay Scoring rubric - PDF   Outline Sheets and Paper components
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